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An Invitation to Erotic Explorers Pushing the Edges of What’s Erotically Possible

Here’s The Exact Formula To Turn A Mediocre Sex Life Into A Fully Expressed, Off-The-Hook, Super HOT Oasis of Pleasure & Aliveness!!

Join This Exclusive Tribe Where, World Renowned Sex Expert, Jaiya
Immerses You In Pleasure Practices and Sexy Strategies For Sex Skill Mastery Unleashing Ecstatic Satisfaction In Your Everyday Life

I’m Ready for Freedom


Erotic Freedom Club is for you if you love pleasure, desire hot sexual intimacy and especially if…

  • You crave fun, frequent and toe-curling sexual fulfillment
  • You’re ripe to experience simple pathways to orgasmic ecstasy
  • You’re hungry to develop sex skill mastery and blow the roof off your pleasure ceiling
  • You ache to be erotically expressed and celebrated for the sexy, radiant being that you are
  • You’re ready to unapologetically claim your pleasure supported by a loving tribe of courageous erotic explorers

Whether you’re in relationship(s) or strutting it single style, you were born for pleasure.

You live inside an exquisite erotic instrument yearning to be tuned and played with rapture inducing mastery. Every cell in your body is wired for pleasure. Are you ready to immerse yourself in pleasure practices and advanced sex skill training so you can become your own erotic virtuoso?

There is a simple formula to awakening sexual vitality and learnable skills to satisfy your desires and feed your hunger.

Are you ready to unleash your sexual power?

Are you ready to feel the high, the buzz of incredible aliveness?

Hi, I’m Jaiya.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by sexuality..

I’ve made a life study of everything from ancient rituals for activating the erotic body, to the psychology and science of turn on, to the literal anatomy of arousal and the frameworks that keep hot passion alive for a lifetime.

My work and study led me to discover and create a revolutionary system called Erotic Blueprints™, which empowers people with an erotic language to understand and express their turn ons and desires; to get their sexual needs fed and fulfilled…sometimes for the first time ever.

I’m a sex geek who’s life has been filled erotic exploration and scientific discovery. I’m the author of 4 books, including the best selling “Red Hot Touch” and I’ve had the great fortune to teach for thought leaders like Tony Robbins’, team with masters in their field like Esther Perel, author of “Mating in Captivity” and appear on major media from The Doctors and Anderson Cooper to Good Morning America.

My life has been filled with so much expression and exploration from Tantric ritual, sensual ceremonies, sex mediation, kinky sub/dom adventures, orgasms galore and love making liaisons lasting hours, but there was a time when…

Ecstasy was not mine!

Alone, I sat in my car, tears streaming down my face…,

Her proclamation echoing in my ears,

“You are a mess! I would never hire you. You have some serious sexual healing to do. Maybe you could find a Tantra class to help you.”

My childhood was not a happy place, in fact, my home was a place of physical and verbal abuse. Top that with strict religious schooling and it was a recipe for shame and confusion. I wanted to be expressed when I started to explore my body, I knew there was deep pleasure to be had, but I was deeply shamed for this sexual expression.

Like many of us, I had to hide this part of me away. My body manifested signs that I was cut off from my pleasure and stuck in trauma. I began to be weighed down by major health issues…

Things were not so sexy!

Yep, that’s me (in my early twenties)!
I was suffering in many ways:

  • Intimacy freaked me out
  • I hated to be touched – It actually hurt when someone touched me
  • Crippling Migraines, Endometriosis and Irritable Bowel Syndrome plagued me
  • My body felt like it wasn’t mine and kept putting on weight to protect me
  • I could orgasm, but I didn’t have a clue how to show my boyfriend how to turn me on
  • I was having sex – blah sex. And I craved the sublime

The truth was that I loved sex. I wanted lots of it and I wanted it to be hot.

But I didn’t believe that ecstasy, especially sexual ecstasy was for me.

I sensed there was a thrilling Nirvana of orgasmic delights somewhere, but I had no idea how to find it.

Suppressing my passionate erotic appetites and playing small, I hid from the judgement of the conservative community and family surrounding me and I didn’t want to be “too much” for my boyfriend and threaten his confidence.

I sought healing in many forms: diving into the mystic arts and theatre and becoming a massage therapist. As part of my journey of healing, I set my sights on a job at a local healing center. I was desperate to work there.

My job interview with the director of the center was a brusque encounter with the truth. It was her words.

“You are a mess!… You have some serious sexual healing to do.”

These words pierced my soul and they changed my life!

I picked my defeated self up and sought solace at my favorite book store, searching for the next step – some way to take action.

I stumbled on a flyer for a Tantra class. She had suggested I take a Tantra class. There it was, a ray of hope.

I jumped at the chance and as I immersed myself in this exotic, mysterious world of sexual energy, deepened intimate experience and ancient rituals of pleasure, and I discovered 3 fundamental keys to transformation that altered the course of my life forever.

Three Fundamental Keys to Sexual Transformation

After just a few short years of owning my pleasure and awakening my sexuality, things had shifted dramatically ?

I went from not knowing my own body, my turn ons and turn offs, to uncovering my personal map of arousal and transcendent ecstasy:

jaiyaimagesrevYep, me again (just few years later).
Experiencing radical transformation by owning my pleasure!

  • Energetic, Multi and full-body orgasms
  • Riding endless waves of ecstatic bliss
  • Community and sexual practices helped heal the trauma stored in my body
  • My endometriosis cleared up
  • My body began to let go of protective weight (90lbs of it) and sculpt itself
  • I now experienced deep intimacy with my lover and drank in delicious touch
  • A level of adventure, energy and aliveness I hadn’t experienced before

See, at first ecstasy wasn’t mine. I had to claim it!

I invite you to claim pleasure, claim ecstasy, claim joy and aliveness.

That is where Erotic Freedom begins!

It’s time to end shame around sexuality because we all have pleasure to claim!

After you take that first intoxicating step towards your desire, to keep expanding, to cultivate your own heaven on earth, you’re going to need support and strategies!

For transformation to stick, I found I needed these…

3 Fundamental Keys to Lasting Erotic Transformation:

  1. Having a community of other pleasure seekers
  2. Getting experienced and skilled mentorship
  3. Playing with time tested pleasure practices to embody erotic expansion

That’s what you’ll get when you join…

Erotic Freedom Club

1) A Community Supporting Erotic Expression, Expansion, Satisfaction:

In this tribe, talking about sex is safe and super hot! You can express your authentic self and know you can trust me and trust our tribe to hold your sexuality sacred.

We hold a container of consent. You’ll only get advice if you ask.

One thing you will find in no other erotic community that I know of. We are a full spectrum sexuality tribe. Other communities typically only speak to one of the 5 Erotic Blueprints™. It’s their special niche and that’s great. We recommend deeper study with these experts all the time and we often bring these specialists into the Club in to teach to you, but…

Under the roof of Erotic Freedom Club, we see all of you. We know how to feed, speak and heal each of the Erotic Blueprint™ Types. Whatever your turn on; Energetic, Sensual, Kinky, Sexual or Shapeshifter, as long as it’s consensual, it’s welcome here!

In Erotic Freedom Club, you can bring it all!

I’m in the forum all the time giving you support, and specific tools and strategies to blow past blocks, so you can come alive in your eroticism, become satisfied in your sexuality and make the transformation stick.

The wild intimacy and courageous exploration shared by the members is off the hook inspiring. You’ll get the courage to push the edge of your own desire, get incredible ideas for adventure and get some of the most loving, thoughtful and supportive connection you could imagine!

I am daily in awe of the vulnerability and courage on display.

It’s just plain Hot! ?

2) Experienced and Skilled Mentorship to Become an Erotic Master:

I bring over 20 years of study, practice and practical hands on knowledge about ecstatic pleasure, connection and irresistible magnetic attraction to the table.

At this point I’ve worked with thousands of clients helping them achieve sexual healing and erotic fulfillment. I know the eroitic body intimately. It is my true mastery. And my Erotic Blueprints™ system is a revelation and an advancement in the field of sexuality and erotic fulfillment.

This is not a personal brag. I am as blown away and surprised as many of my clients at the depth of transformation offered when Erotic Blueprints™ are put to use. Without an understanding of the Blueprints™, a world of of next level, off the hook hot sex (and deep loving connection) may be passing you by.


I wanted to share my extensive knowledge and mastery with a tribe of committed people like you.

In the club you get direct access to me inside the forums, during our classes and pop-ups and during our monthly Pleasure Mastery Coaching Calls!

3) Pleasure Practices, Skills and Strategies for Total Sexual Fulfillment:

“You don’t get what you want, you get what you’re committed to”
Raul Villacis

Mastery takes practice. And mastering your pleasure and that of your lover(s) is no different!

Would you expect to be able to play a Beethoven Sonata if you never took a piano lesson? Absolutely not!

Your Erotic body has infinitely more keys to play than a piano. The sex life practices, techniques and methods that I share with you in Erotic Freedom club are your hack to virtuosic abilities, allowing you to make the electric body sing in exquisite harmony.

Knowing Erotic Blueprints™ is your master guide and study hack to advanced super hero skill.

From Tantric Ritual to Kinky Sex, from Sensual Delight to Bump and Grind, Erotic Freedom Club is direct mentorship and access to breakthrough sex life and relationship strategies at the push of a button.

It’s not just practicing anything, it’s practicing the right things. Stop fumbling around in between the sheets, quit the guesswork and gain effective, time tested, mind blowing sexual competence now!

Tune in and Turn On!

I want you to have access to all this and more.

We’ve never opened the doors to Erotic Freedom Club before, this is the first time and it’s only for a limited time…

Are you desiring to unleash and express your true eroitic self ?

Are you ready to awaken pleasure and be seen and accepted for who you are?

Join the Tribe

This is a movement driven by seekers of pleasure, healing and expanding their relationships to their own sexuality, who are no longer willing to be separated from their full self expression by outdated belief systems and culturally inherited shame and suppression.

Out of this movement a Tribe has been born – a tribe where:

  • You can be raw and real
  • You can be seen, felt and accepted for who you really are
  • You can discover and claim your erotic dreams and desires
  • You can cultivate skills of sexual mastery and experience deep intimacy and sexual satisfaction
  • You can achieve fun, frequency and fulfillment in your sex life
  • You can experiencing pleasures you didn’t even know were possible

Does this sound like home to you?

What Some Clients Say!

I Could Not Have Done It On My Own!

“Being in community that values and allows any kind of sexual preferences to surface in me has been like opening up to an inner treasure. I could not have done it on my own. Had to have the loving support of the EFC community.”

– Linda Skougaard, Denmark

Finally Getting Permission!

“I’m finally getting permission to be authentically me, permission to cultivate my own sexuality, which has been somehow not allowed and not safe in my life.”

– Pamela Hsieh

I Feel Deeply Fulfilled and Empowered!

“Now, I’m constantly uncovering opportunities for sexual joy in my everyday life, I feel deeply fulfilled and empowered…, and I feel connected to a whole community of people committed to the same exploration.”

– Julia Morton

Now My Body is Fed Everyday With Every Kind of Pleasure!

“I was starving. I felt like I was forever going to be outside of the banquet room, gazing at all the gorgeous food, all alone and invisible with my face pressed up against the glass.  Now my body is fed everyday with every kind of pleasure, and I’m plugged into my tribe, happy dancing with the sexiest, coolest people on the planet.”

– Anne Russell

Welcome to Erotic Freedom Club!

  • Your gateway to fun, frequency and fulfillment in your sex life
  • A home where you have permission to claim and feed your deepest desires
  • A school for sex skill mastery and sexual satisfaction
  • A place to learn breakthrough strategies for hot communication, deep connection and lasting lusty love
  • A sexy lab where you learn the tools and practices that put pleasure first and open you to erotic experience you didn’t know was possible
  • A tribe of like minded erotic explorers supporting your erotic expression and expansion

From body language, to sexual health, to mastering your sex skills – Erotic Freedom Club is the resource for full spectrum sexual satisfaction! Through the nurturing support of this community, you will uncover your own pathways of arousal and understand why mind-blowing pleasure may have eluded you.

And you’ll have the skills to identify a lover’s Erotic Blueprint™ and confidently create deep arousal, tantalizing turn-ons and mind blowing sexual satisfaction.

Are you ready to claim personal ecstasy?

Learn how to get out of your head and into your body, decrease fear and anxiety and create a healthy sexuality.

How Do You Receive This Powerful Transformation?

Erotic Freedom Club is a monthly membership community where sexy benefits abound. We deliver tantalizing treats to you each and every month that help you explore and expand your sexuality.

Here’s where the magic happens:

Sexy Sex Labs:

For too long understanding your own arousal, or that of your lover, has been left to stumbling in the dark, guessing, and hoping.

The Sexy Sex Lab brings science to sex and ends the guess work. Every month you experiment with us, you increase your range of sexual expression, expanding your capacity to give and receive.

  • Uncover what really works in the bedroom
  • Discover your specific triggers for arousal
  • Play in an environment free of failure and criticism – it’s all just information
  • Create certainty and confidence that you know what works, every time!

Adventure Dating:

Mystery, obstacle, novelty, and naughtiness; these are the elements of the passion trifecta and they are essential building blocks to create irresistible magnetic attraction.

How much excitement do you feel when first dating a new lover?


It’s new. There’s mystery: who are they? There’s novelty: new places and new people. And there is likely an edge of naughtiness; anticipation about that first erotic connection. How will they kiss you, touch you? Will they be naughty or nice?

Imagine having the skills to generate this heat, whether you are on a first date or you’ve been lovers for decades.

Sexy, right?

Fill your love life with hot desire by learning how to Adventure Date.

Ian and I take you with us on monthly dates, giving you hot ideas and sharing each step of the journey, so you can spark your own imagination.

This tribe is full of shares about exciting Adventure Dates they have done, so you will never again be without an idea to blow your lover’s mind.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone:

Pleasure Mastery Coaching Calls:

I’m here to accelerate your journey. Over 20 years of mastering the realm of human sexuality is available to you. I’ll answer your burning questions and guide you to personal breakthroughs.

Every month we come together for an intimate group coaching call, where you can get one-on-one attention from me and my partner Ian.

We’ll help you create customized Sex Life Challenges, Sexy Sex Labs, Adventure Dates and Erotic Experiments to blow the roof off of your pleasure ceiling! We’ll help you navigate past sexual health issues, communication breakdowns, shame and fear and open you to the joyful sex that is your birthright.

My VIP clients invest $20,000.00 or more for a year long immersion with me, to get my personal attention on their sex and love life. As a member of the Erotic Freedom Club, you have the opportunity for personalized coaching every month, when you join us on the Pleasure Mastery Coaching Call.

The Power of Community to Transform:

Your Tribe:

The Erotic Freedom Club community fills me with pride.  

The love, connection, support, and sexiness in this group is electrifying. I am in the members group all the time giving you direct feedback on your posts, answering questions, cheering you on and assisting you with ideas to go deeper and experience more.

But I’m just one contributor to all the magic. There are so many amazing members of this tribe offering their sexy style and support!

Where we hang out:

The sharing all happens inside our “secret” Mighty Networks Group.

Only current members have access to the group and can see who our other members are. Confidentiality is a primary value for us and one of our community agreements. 

Join the Club. It’s getting hot in here!

I can safely share myself!

“Being in EFC has fast-tracked my personal growth.  The difference has been having a community of people where I can safely share myself & be met with kindness, empathy and acknowledgement.  Fear of criticism was huge for me when I joined & from the start I knew I was in the perfect place…” – Jodie Newell, Denver, CO.

The community is where things get juicy!

coupleateventrevisedIt takes a village to raise a healthy sexuality and there is no erotic community as amazing as Erotic Freedom Club to empower you to claim your desires!

The powerful container of this Tribe provides:

  • Safety to be raw and real
  • Playful connection and deep support
  • Brainstorming for fun
  • A place to be vulnerable
  • A place to be seen, felt, and heard with compassion and empathy
  • A place to have permission to be you

Kick-Starting Pleasure Can Be a Blast!

We supercharge your experience in the club with some super-hot bonuses!

Bonus #1: “Adventure Date Success System”:

adventuredatingAre you ready to turn up the heat and create life-long passion and irresistible magnetic attraction in your love life?
Learn the art of Adventure Dating, and use Mystery, Obstacle and Novelty/Naughtiness to create anticipation and tease, lusty desire and intense erotic heat.  
For couples: If things have become routine or stale in your relationship, reignite that “I can’t keep my hands off or you” passion.
For singles, design mind-blowing, unforgettable rendezvous that separate you from the pack.  Warning: you may set the bar so high, no other suitor can compete.

As a member of Erotic Freedom Club, you will get:

  • adventuredateimageThe Adventure Date Success System Handbook, which teaches you the tools and tricks of crafting the perfect date.  Included is an interview worksheet, where you can learn just what your lover needs and desires, so you’re sure to hit it out of the park.
  • Our Adventure Date Class from our exclusive Ignite Your Passion Program, leading you through the Adventure Date Process, helping to assure your sexy success.  

Our clients invest as much as $3,000.00 for our Ignite Your Passion program.  The Adventure Date Success System is a $300.00 value, but it’s yours with no additional investment, when you join Erotic Freedom Club today!

Bonus #2: Erotic Blueprint™ Immersions:

Each quarter inside the Club we take you deep into the turn-ons and turn-offs of each of the Erotic Blueprint™ Types.

My one-on-one clients invest 5 figures or more to be guided by me in the techniques and practices I share with you during these immersions.

Imagine learning the secret language of the erotic arts where you can communicate exactly what you want and how you want it. Imagine being able to communicate your needs and desires with enticement and seduction, so your lover can’t wait to fulfill your deepest desires.

Imagine being able to read a lover’s needs, giving you the confidence that you can drive them wild inside and outside the bedroom.

Knowing the Erotic Blueprint™ Types is the key to sexual communication mastery. Immersing yourself in the arousal pathways of each Blueprint is your key to becoming a master!



blueprintsenergeticAre you (or your lover) turned on by:

  • Anticipation, space, and tease
  • Energy play, distance, and longing
  • Light hovering touch

Do you:

  • Desire transcendent Sexual Experiences
  • Value love and emotional connection
  • Feel turn on with merging of energy

You may be an Energetic. Your arousal can sometimes be a challenge to understand for other types. In fact, you may not understand it yourself and could have felt weird about what you need to feel sexually fed. Isn’t it time to receive what you need?


blueprintsensualIf you are a Sensual, you’re turned on by:

  • All of your senses being ignited
  • Rich environments of textures, colors and smells
  • Deep, contouring touch
  • And delicious foods can send you into orgasm

The more relaxed you are:

  • The more you can surrender
  • The more you open to connection
  • The more intense your body awareness becomes

If you’re a Sensual Type you may have difficulty getting out of your head and into your body. You can be easily thrown off by sounds, smells and messy environments or body fluids.

When you’re relaxed, that’s when you’re available to experiencing your deepest turn-ons. Learn the toggles that allow your type to drop deeply into orgasmic states of otherworldly sexual connection.


blueprintsexualYou have quick access to turn on. When you’re free from your shadow, you love the body and all the pleasurable things it can do. As a Sexual Type, you’re turned on by:

  • Simplicity
  • Nudity
  • Simple XXX

It’s about the orgasm after all:

  • You have sex in order to relax
  • You may be disappointed if you and your partner don’t come to climax

You love sex, orgasms, and genitals. You can be incredibly fun to play with and you can go from 0 to 60 in nothing flat.

Challenges for your type: you may miss the journey, because it’s all about the results. This may not occur as a problem to you, but you may leave your lovers a bit frustrated, to put it lightly.

Finding the way to expansive pleasure is the journey for a Sexual Type. Join us and become the master of pleasure! Learn to control your orgasm and expand into rolling waves of orgasmic delight!


blueprintkinkyAs a Kinky Type, you’re turned on by whatever is taboo for you.

You may find your arousal triggered by:

  • Game play
  • Power dynamics
  • Naughty Talk

Or perhaps your turn on is:

  • Giving or receiving intense sensation
  • Constraint
  • Sensory Overwhelm
  • If you’re a Kinky Type you can be very creative, with a large sexual vocabulary.

You’re easy to turn on when the right psychological or physical buttons are pushed. Taboo and edge play are erotically arousing to you.

The shadow side for the Kinky Type can be deep shame and isolation – feeling your desires are unacceptable.

You may also get stuck in a specific fantasy or fetish and find this is your only route to turn on. A rut becomes a grave.

The world of kink is vast and often misunderstood. Navigating your way to fulfillment and acceptance can be a challenge. We know the way. Let us guide you.


blueprintshapeshifterYou are the most sophisticated of all the Blueprint Types. As a shapeshifter, You may find you are turned on by:

  • Variety and creativity
  • The arousal triggers for all the Blueprint Types
  • Owning your pleasure

To satisfy you, it may take:

  • Stacking or mixing all the Blueprints
  • Understanding exactly what you crave today
  • An exquisitely skilled lover

Challenges for the Shapeshifter can be not knowing what truly turns you on.

You’re so creative and turned on by so many things, you are constantly shifting to please the lover you are with and you can lose yourself, never getting your needs met.

Boredom can be a problem, because you want it all and your lover may not have the range of skills to meet your needs.

Shapeshifters can often feel like they’re too much, and shut down their needs in order to be accepted.

There is even what I call a Sixth Erotic Type, and that is the Shadow Shapeshifter.

This Blueprint Type™ has the shadow of every Blueprint and, if this is you, finding pleasure and connection can be an extremely difficult journey. It’s possible, but I can almost guarantee you will need help.

Bonus #3: Free Tickets to Path to Passion Live:

You could pay as much as $997.00 per ticket to attend this life changing event.  As a member of Erotic Freedom Club you and a guest can attend for free!
p2peventSpend 3 intoxicating days with Jaiya and Ian, where you’ll leave understanding:

  • Your and your partner’s Erotic Map of Arousal, giving you the key to personal sexual satisfaction
  • A new and powerful language of erotic communication designed to create enticement, seduction and irresistible magnetic attraction
  • What’s possible in the erotic body, opening you to new realms of orgasmic experience you didn’t even know were possible
  • How to awaken ravishment and desire, reviving the drive for frequent, fun and fulfilling sex
  • You are not alone.  Your need for deep love, passionate connection and hot sex are something to celebrate and honor.
  • The pathway to boosting libido and sexual health (meaning better erections, orgasms, higher libido and staying power)

At Path to Passion we dive deep into one of the most profound systems for sexual fulfillment available: Erotic Blueprints™!
Erotic Blueprints™ allow you to discover your map of arousal.  They give you a language to express your needs and get them fulfilled, perhaps for the first time ever.
p2peventcouplesErotic Blueprints™ have the ability to give you superhero sex skills, empowering you to supply peak erotic experiences for your lover for a lifetime.
Sound amazing? “Yes!” or “Yes!”
What happens at a Path to Passion?

  • Day #1: Discover Your Erotic Blueprint & How It Increases Satisfaction
  • Day #2:  Learn the 5 Steps To Hotter, Juicier & More Frequent Fulfilling Sex – Oh, My!
  • Day #3: Design Your Love Life For Passion & Overcome Rotten Resistances

You’re going to want to be there!

Bonus #4: “Sex Life Challenges”:

Do you like a challenge?

The kind of challenge that pushes you to be more of who you are; the kind that opens new vistas of what life has to offer; the kind that shows you what’s possible, creating a hunger for more.

The “Sex Life Challenge” is the biggest needle mover in reviving the hot, “can’t keep my hands off of you” attraction that Ian and I rekindled in our love life.

Passion was seriously dead and now we’re more in love than we were at the very start.

And let me tell you, it was damn hot when we first met! If you want the secret sauce to keeping it spicy and vital for a lifetime, these Sex Life Challenges are your ticket to sustainable desire and passion in your love life.

And they work whether you’re in relationship right now or not.

bonus1pictureSex Life Challenges gives you:

  • A kickstart to playfully engage with your erotic self
  • A way to create quick wins, reinforcing a desire for more
  • A fun way to create immediate connection to your pleasure
  • A way to reignite connection to yourself and a lover (if you’re in relationship)
  • Accountability, so you put pleasure first
  • Certainty that you will be fed and fulfilled

Learning how to craft a Sex Life Challenge that supports your love life goals is essential.

Within the Club, we’ll show you how to design challenges that help guarantee success.

There is no underestimating the power of the tribe in supporting you and holding you accountable. You’ll feel the supercharge of support from our other members – encouraging you through the difficulties and cheering you on as you cross the finish line.

How amazing is that?

Taking You Beyond the Limits

You may be getting the hint. There is a vast world of erotic possibility.

The truth is, knowing your own Erotic Blueprint™ Type opens the door to incredible pleasure, but it also shows you where you’re limited.

Becoming an Erotic Artist requires learning how to experience and give pleasure in all the Erotic Blueprint™ languages.

I’ve been at this for over 20 years and I will never stop learning.
Let me share with you the wealth of knowledge, experience, and wisdom I have gathered over all this time.

The value of a monthly membership in Erotic Freedom Club”

Going to workshops and intensives is incredible and can be well worth the investment, but it can be costly. Tuition for these events can run from $1,000.00 to as much as $15,000.00 for a few days at a mastery level retreat. You learn amazing information and get all turned on about life’s possibilities, but how are you supposed to keep your experience alive and implement what you’ve learned?

In Erotic Freedom Club Watch your eroticism bloom into a field of a thousand fruit trees, because your transformation has the nurturing it needs to take root and thrive. Let the ongoing learning and courageous, loving support of this sexy community be your sustenance and your sun.

I love spending time in the forum putting my years of study, experimentation and transformational coaching to work for you. I’m always bringing my latest discoveries and wild exploits to the Club, helping raise the game.

To get this kind of one-on-one time with me, especially on an ongoing basis, is only possible two ways:

  • Invest $20,000.00 or more to become a Mastery Level VIP Client, or…
  • Join Erotic Freedom Club!

I’m Ready for Erotic Freedom!

Sorry! The program is now closed.


How Much is Your Sexual Satisfaction Worth?

We’ve swallowed a fantasy pill in our culture. We believe in a mythology that great relationships are “meant to be.”  Passion should be forever and sex comes naturally. Sex does come naturally, but making love is an art!

It blows my mind that so many people expect that they should have amazing relationships and incredible sex lives, without investing in it like they do in other areas of their lives.

How much time and money do we dedicate to passively entertaining ourselves and living vicariously through the pleasures of others, whether it’s subscriptions to video streaming services, magazines, music services and even porn.

How much time and money have you devoted to your wardrobe and make-up, improving your finances or business skills, working on your health with gym memberships, weight loss programs and investing in the latest supplements?

These investments are great, and, if you make them, it shows you care about yourself.

You’re committed to growth, like me!

I am always investing heavily in learning the skills to create the life I want.

And on the flip side, how much hard-earned capital goes to morning muffins and mocha frappuccino double lattes?

I’m a champion for indulging in healthy pleasure, but why not focus on lasting pleasure that connects you deeply to yourself and to others?

If you desire deep connection, irresistible magnetic attraction, lasting passion, and total sexual satisfaction, are you investing in it with your time, energy, and capital?

Is it something you “kind of want” or are you truly committed?

I’m Ready for Erotic Freedom!

Sorry! The program is now closed.


Frequently Asked Questions

I’m excited to get some one on one coaching, does that happen?
Every month we get intimate in a monthly Pleasure Mastery Coaching Call, where you can get personal advice and insight to give you strategies, practices and support so you can claim as much pleasure as you can stand.  There are tons of opportunities to get direct coaching from Jaiya and her partner Ian. Jaiya and Ian are inside the forum all the time giving specific breakthrough coaching tailored to you and your needs.  Our live pop-ups are interactive and you can get real time feedback and ask your questions on the spot. And we love to celebrate your wins, big or small!  The more you give the more you receive. How’s that sound?
I’m single, is this right for me?
Yes, yes and yes!  Being erotically alive and connected has nothing to do with being in relationship with a partner or lover.  I believe we set our own table for sexual satisfaction, whether single or in partnership. You can have sexual satisfaction in solo practice.  You can tune your erotic instrument and play yourself into a lather of ecstatic delights.   And if you are seeking to be in relationship, learning what turns you on will set you up to get your needs met when you do attract that amazing new lover.  Mastering the skills of feeding each Erotic Blueprint Type will turn you into a Sexy Superhero.  You can confidently enter into erotic play with a new lover(s), be certain to get your needs met and blow them away with your otherworldly ability to feed their deepest desires.  In fact, being in the Club is some of the best training to attract your ideal lover and craft a relationship with irresistible magnetic attraction for a lifetime. Who knows, perhaps new lovers are waiting to meet you in the Club ; )
Can my partner be part of my membership?
Memberships are one per person.  We hold a very sacred and safe container. It is important for everyone’s safety that we know who is participating in the group.  Your partner would need to have their own membership to participate.
How am I billed for the program?
After any introductory offer you may have received has ended, you will be billed every month, once a month.  We send out notifications with a cancellation link every month, so, if for some crazy reason, you need to step away from the community, you will be able to do so through the cancellation form.  Once you cancel, you retain membership through your current month and we remove you when your paid month is up.  We do not refund a monthly membership payment after the renewal date has passed, but we will make sure you are not billed for the following month after you have filled out the proper online form.
I’m shy about this topic. Do I have to share?
The only thing we require is that you say “Yes” to our community rules when you join the group and we really want you to say “Hi” in an introductory post.  We believe you will find the courage to lift the lid of your sexy life and share with us over time, but you are not required to make posts.

*Erotic Freedom Club is a monthly membership club.
Your investment to participate is $69 per month.
You’ll be enrolled into automatic billing for all future months and you will need to terminate your membership through a provided link or in writing to [email protected], if you wish to leave the club. You can cancel at any time but there are no refunds for the current month once your monthly payment has been submitted.

Concepts and strategies shared in this and any communication from Jaiya, Inc. are ideas that have worked for members of our team, students, clients, and friends. Results for any implementation of ideas and concepts shared here or in Jaiya, Inc. programs vary widely and are dependent on many factors outside the control of Jaiya, Inc. and our associates.

This is not specific advice for your sex life or relationship and nothing should be considered medical advice. Always use your own judgment and/or get the advice of professionals and health practitioners before making any changes to your sex life, relationship or medical regimen. Find the right strategies for you and your particular situation.

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