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Empowered Erotic Persona Course

Class 1: Creating the Foundation for your Erotic Persona!!


Class 2: Uncovering Your Erotic Persona.

Class 3: Cultivating Your Erotic Persona in Private.

Erotic Persona: Personal Story Sheet.

Class 4: Cultivating your Erotic Persona to share with others or strut in public with Puddles and Aengus.  


Class 5 (Part 1): Cultivating Your Erotic Persona with a photo shoot.

» Welcome Puddles, Aengus, Lindsay and Pleasure First     


Class 5 (Part 2): Capturing Erotic Personas in Photography!!!

» Cultivating Your Erotic Persona with a Photo Shoot
» The Right Photographer, Being Seen, Lighting, Taking Great Selfies and getting 


Class 5: Photo Shoot – It’s a Wrap!

» Debriefing the Potent Power of Personas to Transform

Class 6: Integration and What’s next.