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Magical Orgasm Fairies await your arrival in Erotic Freedom Club, where they will shower your life with pleasure pixie dust to create Deep Connection, Hot Passion and Sexual Satisfaction in your life.

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Community Agreements:

Erotic Freedom Club Community Agreements:

The Erotic Freedom Club is an easy place for you to support one another spontaneously during your unfolding journey into more pleasure and sexual empowerment.

It’s a thriving group of amazing people!

One of the things that makes it so amazing is that we all agree to the following container.

Confidentiality – You agree to keep what is posted here confidential. We are creating a container of safety. You will not use someone’s name or share about their posts without asking for consent.

By joining the private membership site, you are agreeing to keep what is shared highly confidential. Any breaches of this privacy will result in immediate dismissal from this club.

Rest assured your comments on the Erotic Freedom Club Mighty Network membership group cannot be seen by anyone else outside of our tribe, unless you are showing them your page. They are totally private.

Consent – You agree to ask for consent before giving advice to someone who has made a post or sharing information with others outside of this group about what others have shared. You can reach out to see if the person would like your advice, but accept a “no” as a no. Empathy and non advice support are allowed.

Being Conscious – You agree to do your best at staying conscious, noticing when you go unconscious. You agree to notice when you stop engaging and being present and you get recommitted.

Culture/Community– You agree that you are aware that we are practicing as an erotic community. That our community is a melting pot. There are many genders here, there are different blueprints here, there are different religious backgrounds, past experiences and more. We are a melting pot.

You agree to honor that melting pot and to practice acceptance and non-judgement.

Contribution– You agree that you will contribute to this group. That your vulnerability and open sharing will be a great contribution and will help others to step up and be courageous. We want you to share as that is where you will get the most from participating, but you are not required to share.

Care/Compassion – You agree to take care of yourself. If something is triggering you, notice where in the past you have been triggered like this, reach out for help, make great asks. You agree to also be compassionate towards others and care for others who are in the group. And, care is about our space – let’s make this community even more incredible by caring for the space – post beautiful amazing photos, breakthrough moments, little snippets of you!

Communication – You agree to communicate and connect here and to do so in way that is filled with empathy. We will not tolerate hate, bullying or abusive language in the Club.

Note: The Mighty Networks Membership site are only to be used for connection, not for promotion. This keeps the site friendly for everyone. Anyone who violates this will be given a warning.  If the warning is not headed, you will be removed from the group and the program immediately. We hope you understand the boundary and appreciate it for your benefit as well.

Celebration – You agree to celebrate with us; to share your wins, your breakthroughs, and to celebrate other community member’s wins, sprouts, breakthroughs too!

Members may not share accounts. Each individual must have an account to be a member of Erotic Freedom Club. This is in alignment with our Member Guidelines and the “C’s” of our Community Agreements which are: Confidentiality, Consent, Conscious, Culture/Community, Contribution, Care/Compassion, Communication, and Celebration. Everyone must agree to our Terms and Conditions, and this can not be done as a couple or shared account.

To voice your agreement please say, “YES” by checking the box at the top of this page. 🙂

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You will receive crucial emails about the Blueprint Breakthrough™ Community and your complimentary Erotic Freedom Club (EFC) membership.

There is no nudity allowed inside of Erotic Freedom Club. We have a core brand value of Savvy Sophistication. We love playful and sexy posts, so we encourage flirty, risqué even edgy photo posts, but join us in making this a Savvy and Sophisticated place for all. Do not expose genitals, bare bottoms or nipples (No matter your gender. We believe in nipple equality, so if one group can’t expose nipples, no one can). It is impossible to be completely clear about what photos cross the line. Use your discernment to follow these agreements. We will remove what we deem to be over the line and we will let you know that we have done so.
All emails will have (EFC) or (Tantalizing Tuesday) in the subject lines.  Always read these emails.  They have important action steps, tips and tools to help you get the most out of your participation.
Due to all our sexiness we sometimes have issues with messages going into spam boxes or not being delivered at all. If you do not receive our email communications in the next few days, please reach out to us at: [email protected]

I commend you for your bravery making pleasure and connection a priority in your life.

This will be an exciting journey to erotic mastery and empowerment!

With pleasure and anticipation,

Jaiya, Ian and Team Pleasure


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