Thank You for Enrolling in the
Erotic Blueprint Coach Certification Program™


I welcome you to this work with the incredible enthusiasm and I am grateful for your interest and your courage.  This work is desperately needed by so many and you are one of the few who is stepping in to do a great service.  This will be an incredibly rewarding journey!

Your program officially starts January 2020.

You will be given the opportunity to dive into some of your materials before the program officially begins, but be patient.  You will hear from us as we get closer to the official course start.

Our promotion for this program has been simple and lean, but the coursework you are about to experience is deep, involved and very well developed.  There is a lot of ground to cover in 18 weeks together.

You do not want to miss any of our emails, so… next steps:

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You should have received a welcome email already.  If you did not, check your spam filter and promotions inboxes.  If you don’t find it, reach out to our customer service and let us know – [email protected]

All emails directly related to your Coach Certification Program will have (Blueprint Coach) in the subject line, so you can search your email inbox at any time to find emails about your course.

Reach out to our Customer Service at [email protected], if you have questions or concerns.

Thank you for making sexuality something to be celebrated,

Fill your life with pleasure,


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